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White Colloidal Bentonite - bentonite


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  • Bentonite 50g

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  • Bentonite 100g

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White Colloidal BentoniteBentonite  50 and 100g




Flower Tales Bentonite is a clay very rich in minerals ground to a very fine powder (average 50 micron). It has a very absorbent effect that makes it ideal for oily skin. Used in face masks or mud packs, it is effective against acne, blackheads and skin impurities and has beneficial effects in soothing eczema, psoriasis and rashes. It has a relaxing and refreshing effect, with antibacterial properties. The negative charge of the minerals of which it is made attracts positively charged toxins, purifying the skin. When incorporated in emulsions, it works as a rheological additive thanks to its water-absorbing capacities and gives viscosity and stability; it also facilitates the penetration of other active ingredients into the skin. 


INDICATIONS: oily skin; impure skin; acne; eczema.


APPLICAZIONI: face masks, mud packs, emulsions.



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