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Triethyl Citrate - trietyil citrate


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    100ml (115g)
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Triethyl CItrate – Triethyl citrate - 100ml


Flower Tales Triethyl Citrate is an oily liquid derived from citric acid, normally used in cosmetics as an effective active agent in deodorants. Sweat increases the skin’s pH; at higher pH levels, the bacteria naturally present on the skin break down the skin’s sebum into fatty acids with a distinctive bad smell. At higher pH levels however, triethyl citrate splits in ethyl alcohol and citric acid: the bacteriostatic effect of ethyl alcohol inhibits the reproduction of bacteria, whereas the citric acid lowers the skin’s pH, preventing bacteria from causing bad smell. Triethyl Citrate is also used as a perfume fixative.

FLOWER TALES QUALITY: Triethyl Citrate is an absolutely safe ester that does not cause skin irritation and has no counter-indications. It balances the skin’s natural pH without inhibiting transpiration, thus allowing toxins to be expelled from our body.

Solubility: slightly soluble in water (1:15 / 6.5%). Soluble in ethanol and ether.

DOSAGE: up to 5% in deodorants. 1% as fragrance fixative.

INDICATIONS: Sensitive skin. Normal skin.

APPLICATIONS: Spray deodorants; stick deodorants; foot creams; homemade perfumes

Sinergies: Potassium Alum

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