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Pro-Collagen Peptide - Glycerin, Aqua, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5


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  • Pro-Collagen Peptide 10ml

    Price € 5.90 (incl. IVA 22%)
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  • Pro-Collagen Peptide 30ml

    Price € 12.90 (incl. IVA 22%)
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Pro-Collagen Peptide - Glycerin, Aqua, Palmitoyl Tripeptide - 5 and 10ml


Flower Tales Pro-Collagen Peptide is a powerful bio-active ingredient (total peptides > 900-1300 ppm) which stimulates the production of collagen, our skin’s natural “filler”. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 is an oligopeptide mimetic, a molecule mimicking growth factors naturally occurring in our organism. It has a very low molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate quickly deeply into the dermis where it stimulates an extra-cellular protein (TGF-?), which regulates the synthesis of collagen. Increased production of collagen has a tightening effect on the skin, protecting it against oxidative stress. By osmosis, collagen also has a moisturising effect. Collagen gives elasticity, structure and support to the skin, reducing wrinkles and giving it a plumper, fuller and healthier appearance. The presence of abundant collagen strengthens the extracellular matrix, reducing skin fragility. 

FLOWER TALES QUALITY: our supplier’s tests* have shown incredible results: +100% collagen increase and visible reduction of wrinkle depth. This is a completely “green” product containing no preservatives and should be kept refrigerated to maintain its efficacy.

Solubility: water soluble

DOSAGE: 1-3% (2.5% recommended). Add to cold emulsions (C Phase). It can withstand temperatures of up to 80°C but only for a very limited period of time. Stable at pH 3-7

INDICATIONS: mature skin; sagging skin; dry skin; wrinkles; open pores.

APPLICATIONS: face and neck creams; anti-ageing serums; moisturisers; lip balms; eye contour gels.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply undiluted directly onto the skin.

Keep refrigerated at 2-8°C. Do not use beyond use-by date.

No GMOs. Not tested on animals. Not treated with ionising radiations. No SVHC substances. No CRM substances. No nanomaterials. No pesticides.

*In vitro and in vivo tests carried out by our supplier. Application of cream with 2.5% Pro-Collagen Peptide twice a day for 84 days.

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