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Niacin - Niacin


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Niacin – Niacin - 50g


Niacin is also known as nicotinic acid, Vitamin B3 or Vitamin PP (from Pellagra Preventing). It is not to be confused with Niacinamide, a variant of Niacin, which is also confusingly called Vitamin B3 or Vitamin PP. The beneficial properties of both compounds are very similar; however, Niacin has a vasodilator effect which may not be desirable in certain products, but effective in others.Niacin increases blood circulation and promotes a healthy cell metabolism and oxygenation; this property, in combination with the ability to slow down deterioration of skin cells and connective tissue, makes Niacin effective in contrasting cellulite. The result is a more elastic, toned and smoother skin. Topic applications of lotions containing Niacin improve the skin’s function as a natural barrier against external agents and limits water loss in the outer layers of the skin.  The vasodilatory action of Niacin can cause a flush, accompanied by redness, however this is harmless and disappears after 20-30 minutes. The so called “niacin flush” can be helpful in curing acne.

Solubility: water-soluble

DOSAGE: 2-4%

INDICATIONS:cellulite; mature skin; acne.

APPLICATIONS: Anti-cellulite body lotions; anti-ageing face creams, serums; acne treatments. 

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