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Lactic Acid - Lactic Acid


Product Versions

  • Lattico 80%

    Price € 2.90 (incl. IVA 22%)
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  • Lattico 90% FU

    Price € 3.90 (incl. IVA 22%)
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Lactic Acid 80% - 100ml


Flower Tales Lactic Acid is 100% natural and is obtained from the fermentation of sugar. It is a novel professional product used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries. It is used in cosmetics for its acidifying and unique exfoliating properties. When added to homemade hair care products, it leaves hair shiny and silky. Also ideal for making domestic skin peels.

APPLICATIONS: To adjust the pH in homemade cosmetic preparations, hair care and peeling/exfoliating.

Packaging: High Density Polyethylene Bottle. Recycled and Recyclable.

For external use only. No GMOs. Not tested on animals.

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