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Hyaluramine - Polysaccharides and cellulose - Aqua, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Beta-Glucan, Cellulose. Ialuramina (hyaluramine)


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  • Hyaluramine 10ml

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  • Hyaluramine 30ml

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Polysaccharides in acidic solution - Aqua, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Beta-Glucan, Cellulose. (Patent: Hyaluramine) - 10 and 30ml



Flower Tales Hyaluramine is a solution of 3 polysaccharides: Glycosaminoglycans, Beta-Glucan and Cellulose. Hyaluramine combines the protective, moisturising and cell restructuring properties of the Glycosaminoglycans with the antioxidant and regenerating effects of Beta-Glucan. The cellulose has a stabilising effect, slowly releasing the active principles. This product is not ready to use and should not be applied directly on the skin.



Our own Flower Tales Glycosaminoglycans are present in this solution at a 20% concentration. Thanks to their ultra-low molecular weight (0.5 kDa), they are completely absorbed by the skin, leaving it deeply moisturised. Once part of the cell metabolism, they stimulate the synthesis of new polysaccharides, ensuring a long term hydration. They stimulate cell reproduction and give tone and elasticity to the skin, which feels plumper and firmerThey are 100% vegetable-derived, extracted from edible mushrooms (Lentinus Edodes andTremella Fuciformis


Beta-Glucan is appreciated for its moisturising properties. It also has a protective function as it contrasts the oxidative stress caused by UVA rays and stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts, which play a critical role in cell regeneration and the production of collagen. Amongst its other properties, beta-glucan is an immunostimulant that contributes to the healing of wounds and healthy regeneration of tissues. Beta-Glucan is characterised by its low solubility and normally products containing beta-glucan contain a 1-2% concentration.  Thanks to the synergies of combining it with glycosaminoclycans and cellulose, we’re able to increase the concentration to 5-10%, making Flower Tales Hyaluromine an incredibly powerful active ingredient. It is vegetable-derived and extracted from a yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

·         1-5% CELLULOSE

Cellulose is one of the most important polysaccharides and in this particular solution it has a stabilising, regulating and binding function. It improves the solubility of beta-glucan and regulates the release of its benefits ensuring a long-lasting effect. It also inhibits the hydrolysis (or degradation) of the glycosaminoglycans, guaranteeing quality and stability to the product. 100% vegetable-derived.

FLOWER TALES QUALITY: our Hyaluramine contains other ingredients which, due to their very low quantity, are not required to be listed in the INCI name. In the interest of transparency we list them here:

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA): this is a rather controversial ingredient: environmental associations are calling for its removal from rinse-off products, as it is considered a pollutant for the environment. However, it is absolutely safe for humans and the products containing Hyaluramine are intended to be left on the skin for absorption and not washed off. EDTA is a chelating agent sequestering metals potentially present in formulations: metals can generate metallic salts and ultimately radicals that degenerate the polysaccharide chains. Its presence therefore has a fundamental balancing and preserving effect on the product.

Benzophenone-4: this is a UV-filter, protecting the polysaccharide chains and preventing them from breaking due to the effect of UV rays.


Solubility: water-soluble. Soluble in Glycerine.

DOSAGE: 0,5% on daily-use products; 2% on intensive treatments. Dilute first in water or glycerine, or add to the finished product when cold (C phase). It can be added when the product is still warm, but never beyond 55°C. Stable within a pH range of 4-7.

INDICATIONS: dry or very dry skin; mature skin; stressed skin; rough skin (elbows, knees, feet)

APPLICATIONS: anti-age creams; moisturisers; facial gels; hair tonics, firming lotions for breast or thighs.

Packaging: Blue glass vial with safety cap and dropper.


For external use only.  Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply directly to the skin. This product is not ready to use: its pH is highly acidic (pH 2) and it needs to be diluted first.

No GMOs. Not tested on animals. Not treated with ionising radiations

H314: Causes severe skin burns and eye damage




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