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HGAGs - Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans - Hydrolized Glycosaminoglycans


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  • H-Gag 1gram

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  • H-Gag 3grams

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Hydrolised Glycosaminoglycans Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans1 or 3gr





Flower Tales HGAGs are a mix of mucopolysaccharides (chondrotin, heparin, hyaluronic acid, dermatan sulfate, keratin sulfate and heparin sulfate) with very low molecular weight (lower than 500 Da), which allows complete absorption by the skin.

HGAGs are noted for their nourishing, restructuring and deeply moisturising properties.

They are 100% natural, extracted from 2 edible mushrooms (Lentinus Edodes and Tremella Fuciformis

NOURISHING: HGAGs increase the skin’s eutrophication (richness in nutrients): the skin appears healthier and nourished.   

RESTRUCTURING: They have a critical role in giving structure to the extracellular matrix: the skin is firmer, plumper and younger looking. Their effect is to fill depressions in the skin, giving it tone and turgidity; they are commonly added to products to fight stretch marks, wrinkles and stressed skin. They penetrate the skin and are metabolised by the cells, where they enhance the synthesis of new glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and thus their positive effects are long-lasting.

MOISTURISING: They are effective humectants, able to preserve moisture in the skin: they are “water multipliers”, with incredible hydrating properties  

Solubility: water-solubleSoluble in Glycerine and alcohol


DOSAGE: 0,1% - 1%. Dilute first in water or glycerine, or add to the finished product when cold (C phase). It can be added when the product is still warm, but never beyond 50°C. Stable within a pH range of 4-7

INDICATIONS:  dry or very dry skin; mature skin; stressed skin; rough skin (elbows, knees, feet)

APPLICATIONS: creams, serums, body lotions, micelle waters, hair tonics, intense treatments for rough or very dry skin (elbows, knees, feet). firming lotions for breast or thighs.


Packaging: Transparent SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile resin) jar with screw cap and precision spoon included


For external use only. No GMOs. Not tested on animals.

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